September 4 – 8, 2016

EANS 2016



From the Classics to the future

Looking forward to

welcoming you to Athens

Neurosurgery: From the Classics to the future

Athens September 4 – 8, 2016

Panagiotis Selviardis

Panagiotis Selviardis
Congress President

Andre Grotenhuis

André Grotenhuis
EANS 2015 – 2017 PRESIDENT



On behalf of the EANS Board of Officers and the EANS 2016 Organising Committee we invite you to join us for EANS 2016, the 16th European Congress of Neurosurgery, in Athens, Greece, from 4th - 8th September 2016.
Our selected meeting theme is “Neurosurgery: from the Classics to the future”. Exploring the past, present and future of our specialty, the 2016 European Congress will take an in-depth look at how far we have come, where we are now and what may lie ahead. The Scientific PROGRAMME will cover the whole neurosurgical spectrum and will be put together by the Organising Committee with the input of the EANS specialist Section Chairmen. The MEGARON (Athens International Conference Centre) provides an ideal venue for the Congress in the center of Athens, with many hotels, restaurants and museums in walking distance.
EANS2016 provides an ideal opportunity to reconnect and share knowledge with colleagues and friends, whilst enhancing your skill set, helping your practice, and improving patient care. We look forward to seeing you in Athens.


EANS 2016 Organising Committee

Panagiotis Selviaridis, Congress President
Alexandros Andreou, Congress Vice-President
Nicolas Foroglou, Secretary
Ioannis Patsalas
Emmanouil Hatzidakis
Athanasios Chatzisotiriou
Konstantinos Fountas

About EANS

The primary advocate for neurosurgery, neurosurgeons and their patients in Europe and beyond


The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) is a fast-developing independent association, both of European neurosurgical societies and of individual neurosurgeons from all over the world.

Our objective is to enable our members to enhance the care they deliver to their patients by facilitating the exchange of scientific information at the highest level. In pursuit of this goal, we arrange a wide range of meetings, symposia and educational courses. A growing number of fellowship and observership opportunities are also available to our members, along with a comprehensive online library of neurosurgical material via the EANS Academy.

EANS Office Holders

The strategic direction of the EANS is determined largely by its Board of officers. This body is elected every two years and consists of full time practising neurosurgeons who take on their unpaid roles for the benefit of European neurosurgery. The current board consists of:

President – Andre Grotenhuis, (NL)
President-elect – Jesus Lafuente (ES)
Past President – Vladimir Benes (CZ)
Secretary – Peter Hutchinson (UK)
Treasurer – Jannick Brennum (DK)
Chair, Training Committee – Carlo Schaller (CH)
Chair, IM Committee – Andreas Demetriades (UK)
Board Member: Scientific – Paolo Cappabianca (IT)
Board Member: CME and Guidelines – Ali Savas (TR)
Board Member: Audit and Governance – Necmettin Pamir (TR)
Chair, EANS Functional Section – Massimo Scerrati (IT)
Chair, EANS Neuro-oncology Section – Colin Watts (UK)
Chair, EANS Radiosurgery Section – Bodo Lippitz (DE)
Chair, EANS Spine Section – Berhard Meyer (DE)
Chair, EANS Trauma Section – Andrew Maas (NL)
Chair, EANS Vascular Section – Peter Vajkoczy (DE)
Chair, Ethico-legal Committee – Marike Broekman (NL)
Chair, International Relations Committee – Juan Lourido (ES)
Chair, Post-graduate Education Committee – Nabeel Alshafai (BE)
Chair, Research Committee – Radoslaw Rola (PL)
Chair, Young Neurosurgeons’ Committee – Florian Ringel (DE)
Chair-elect, Training Committee – Torstein Meling (NO)

General Information


September 4 – 8, 2016


Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, Athens


The official language of the meeting is English.
All abstract submissions and presentations must be submitted in English.


Meeting Secretariat

AIM Group International, Vienna Office
Mariannengasse 32 | 1090 Vienna
Phone +43 (0)1 402 77 55-0

eMail S&E
eMail Housing

EANS Office

Executive Director: Susie Hide

Administration Manager: Petra Koubova

Events Co-ordinator: Visi Navarro

Marketing & Media Co-ordinator: Liz Derow

Membership Secretary: Lucinda Foster

The city of Athens

Framed by the spectacular landscape of the Aegean sea and surrounding mountains, Athens is a tourist’s delight with famous landmarks and hidden gems alike waiting to be discovered. Its position at the crossroads of three continents has been a significant factor in the development of the city’s extraordinary cultural heritage.
Greece's capital is an ideal congress destination, combining state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent conference facilities and easy worldwide access with unrivalled cultural attractions, modern amenities, diverse entertainment and natural beauty. Many hotels in Athens underwent extensive renovation prior to the 2004 Olympic Games, enabling visitors to benefit from comfortable and stylish accommodation combined with outstanding services.


Athens is connected to the International Airport, some 35 km from the city center, via a public transport that operates round the clock, including the metro, the suburban rail and various bus services. The cost of a taxi from the airport to the city centre is a very reasonable €20 - €30.

Public transport

A state-of-the-art metro system, wide avenues, an efficient public transportation system and a compact city center make moving around Athens easy and convenient. The Athens transportation network includes new buses, pollution-free trolleys, tram and a revamped electric railway system that connects two metro lines.


Athens is an ideal year-round destination with comfortable and favourable climate conditions for travel and sightseeing. Rainfall is minimal which leads to hot and dry summers. The Mediterranean climate makes for mild winters and even milder autumns in low-lying areas, with the coldest temperatures reported in January at a very temperate of 5°C to 13°C.

The Venue

Megaron Athens International Conference Centre

Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias and Kokkali 1 | Athens 115 21 | Greece

The Megaron Athens International Conference Centre is one of the finest and most technologically advanced conference venues in Europe. Situated in the city centre yet surrounded by its own extensive landscaped gardens, the Megaron offers a stunning environment, exceptional aesthetics and cutting edge technology.

The venue provides a variety of different auditoria with capacities ranging from 380 to 2,000 pax and smaller conference rooms accommodating 20 to 180 pax as well as a wide exhibition space with natural daylight.

Networking Events
Networking Events
Networking Events






Meet the Experts Seminars


Your exclusive chance to learn first-hand from the experts

In each of our Meet the Experts Seminar three internationally renowned experts will present and discuss clinical cases with a small interactive audience - a fantastic opportunity to learn from master surgeons.

ONLY very limited places are available for each seminar, and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Make your selection and reserve your place for your preferred seminar while registering for EANS 2016 – at no extra cost!

Register now




  • Pineal Tumours        September 5, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Ugur Türe
    Vladimir Benes
    Ossama Al-Mefty
  • MCA aneurysms        September 5, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Volker Seifert
    Andreas Raabe
    Alexandros Andreou
  • Keyhole approach in anterior fossa September 5, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Alberto Delitala
    Panagiotis Selviaridis
    Andre Grotenhuis
  • Gliomas in eloquent areas September 5, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Hugues Duffau
    Francesco Sala
    Jannick Brennum
  • Thoracic disc surgery September 5, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Florian Ringel
    Andreas Demetriades
    Bart Depreitere
  • Recurrent GBM        September 5, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Jörg-Christian Tonn
    Lorenzo Bello
    Colin Watts
  • Pediatric oncology        September 6, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Shlomi Constantini
    Spyros Sgouros
    Nejat Akalan
  • Controversies in radiosurgery        September 6, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Jean Regis
    Bodo Lippitz
  • C1-C2 junction injuries        September 6, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Richard Assaker
  • Craniocerebral trauma September 6, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Andrew Maas
    Andras Buki
    Franco Servadei
  • Endoscopic skull base surgery September 6, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Paolo Cappabianca
    Martin Bettag
    Paul Gardner
  • AVMs                             September 6, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Anton Valavanis
    Evandro de Oliveira
    Luca Regli
  • Epilepsy surgery        September 7, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Karl Schaller
    Dirk van Roost
    Antonio Goncalves-Ferreira
  • Advances in deep brain stimulation        September 7, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Joachim Krauss
    Jocelyne Bloch
    Massimo Scerrati
  • Minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS)        September 7, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Wilco Peul
    Cumhur Killincer
    Avelino Parajon
  • Advances in pain management        September 7, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Jan Vesper
    Alexander L. Green
    Erlick Pereira
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis        September 7, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Veit Rohde
    Claudius Thomé
    Yu-Mi Ryang
  • Vestibular schwannomas        September 7, 2016 17:00 – 18:00 Domenico D'Avella
    Marcos Tatatgiba
    Amir Samii
  • Deep seated cavernomas        September 8, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Helmut Bertalanffy
    Alexander Konovalov
    Ulrich Sure
  • Intramedullary tumors        September 8, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Bernhard Meyer
    Jesus Lafuente
    Andrea Szelenyi
  • Management of giant adenomas        September 8, 2016 07:30 – 08:30 Fred Gentili
    Maxim Kutin
    Nicolas Foroglou


A few words from the Speakers

We asked our EANS2016 speakers if they would give us a few words about their presentations(s) and / or what they were looking forward to at EANS2016.
This is what they said:


Panagiotis Selvaridis Panagiotis Selvaridis (EANS2016 Congress President)
From my position as the President of the Congress, I have the great honour to address both to the modern period of neurosurgery as well as to the ancient one...

read more

Ridvan Alimehmeti Ridvan Alimehmeti

From the Classics of thoracic outlet syndrome.
The invitation to deliver a lecture on brachial plexus surgery honors me exactly ten years from my successful completion of EANS...

read more

Nur Altinors Nur Altinors

I will be lecturing about"Percutaneous vertebral augmentation techniques", namely kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty procedures...

read more

Matteo Baccaneli Matteo Baccaneli

The aim of the conference is to present the experience of the “Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires”, Argentina, in the management of incidental cerebral aneurysms through a...

read more


Carlos Botella-Asuncion Carlos Botella-Asuncion

Spinal disorders are among the most common medical conditions, having a significant impact on health-related quality of life, use of health care resources and...

read more

Jannick Brennum Jannick Brennum

My clinical passion has for many years been glioma surgery with a specific focus on gliomas in eloquent brain areas. I am fascinated with both the technical challenges of resecting these...

read more

Michaël Bruneau Michaël Bruneau

In this presentation on the surgical treatment of unruptured, very small aneurysms, the indications for treatment of these aneurysms smaller or equal to 3 millimeters will be...

read more

Hans Clusmann Hans Clusmann

I am happy to discuss the topic of epilepsy and brain tumours in at EANS2016 in Athens. Historically, the ancient Greek Hippocrates was the first to reject the idea of epilepsy as a...

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Shlomi Constantini Shlomi Constantini

Video message 1

Video message 2

Video message 3


Steven De Vleeschouwer Steven De Vleeschouwer

Immunotherapy for cancer, once an elusive dream of medical scientists, evolved from a story of unexplained anecdotal cancer regressions more than 120 years ago...

read more

Bart Depreitere Bart Depreitere

The program of the EANS 2016 Congress in Athens is a well-balanced kaleidoscope of topics, covering the vast field of neurosurgery. I am certain that all participants...

read more

Shalva Eliava Shalva Eliava
Russian Federation

My speech is about "Modern concepts of microsurgical treatment of brain aneurysms". It's a very challenging and important problem vascular neurosurgeons face every day...

read more


Stefan Florian Stefan Florian

I am looking forward to EANS2016 being a landmark Congress for our community, because of its exceptional scientific program and it being the occasion to meet...

read more

Nicolas Foroglou Nicolas Foroglou

Focusing on the scientific programme, balancing the different topics, countries and attitudes, planning a smooth event plenty of blue skies and vivid networking...

read more

Michelangelo Gangemi Michelangelo Gangemi

Once again It will be a pleasure for me to be enrolled in such prestigious event. I think that this year's EANS Congress will shed light on innovations in terms of technologies...

read more

Paul Gardner Paul Gardner

I will be speaking on several aspects of skull base surgery, focusing on new approaches, especially the endoscopic endonasal approach. This will include talks on using this...

read more


Alex Green Alex Green

I am particularly looking forward to EANS 2016. There is an excellent breadth of topics and many talks and workshops on the ‘state of the art’. From my point of view...

read more

Robert E. Harbaugh Robert E. Harbaugh

I am really looking forward to the EANS meeting in Athens. It looks like it will be an outstanding meeting in a great venue...

read more

Peter Hutchinson Peter Hutchinson

My talk will provide an update on clinical trials in neurotrauma. There are several recently completed and ongoing randomised trials...

read more

Marcel Ivanov Marcel Ivanov

There are many reasons why neurosurgeons from all around Europe (and not only Europe) attend a neurosurgical conference. Some are just making their first...

read more


Uwe Kehler Uwe Kehler

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is a much more common disease than we thought years ago. Further, NPH is a progressive disease and will end with patients bedridden...

read more

Alexander Konovalov Alexander Konovalov
Russian Federation

I am going to present an experience in brain stem cavernoma treatment of about 400 cases and discuss indications for surgery and surgical results...

read more

Miikka Korja Miikka Korja

Something is going wrong when neurosurgeons, not only neurologists, start to believe that only the size of UIAs predicts the risk of SAH. Thus, my talk is about the risk...

read more

Maxim Kutin Maxim Kutin
Russian Federation

Management of Giant Adenomas. A rich experience in using endoscopic transnasal approach has been obtained by Burdenko neurosurgical institute, the leading...

read more


Morten Lund-Johansen Morten Lund-Johansen

My talk is entitled Strategies in the treatment of vestibular schwannomas. Vestibular schwannoma treatment is a controversial issue. I will review the current ...

read more

Andrew Maas Andrew Maas

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a major cause of death and disability, leading to great personal suffering to victim and relatives, as well as huge direct and indirect costs...

read more

Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos

My talk is focused on holding devices for Neuroendoscopy. Evolution, current systems and their technology are presented, with emphasis on potential strengths...

read more

Puneet Plaha Puneet Plaha

Regarding my talk: it highlights a “minimalistic approach to brain tumours”  to reduce patient morbidity.

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Alexander Potapov Alexander Potapov

Basic and applied aspects of TBI. The main purpose of my report is to present emerging neuroimaging data in order to define the role of primary and secondary structural...

read more

Christian Raftopoulos Christian Raftopoulos

EANS2016 in Athens will be a unique opportunity to share the latest developments in our profession and to build new bridges between our departments. Hope to meet you there.

Saulius Rocka Saulius Rocka

Surgery of the invasive regional tumors of the head. The aim of my talk is to demonstrate the complexity and surgical problems associated with the regional tumors...

read more

Veit Rohde Veit Rohde

I am looking forward to meeting you all in beautiful Athens. I took a first glimpse at the preliminary programme and I truly believe that we will have a premium scientific...

read more


Daniel Roy Daniel Roy

Benign skull base tumors like schwanommas and meningiomas are among the most challenging tumors to treat in neurosurgery. This is primarily due to their localization at...

read more

Nicolas Sampron Nicolas Sampron

It is a pleasure and honor to contribute to this world first-class scientific event in Neurosurgery. I am really looking forward to meeting my friends and the most renowned...

read more

Ali Savas Ali Savas

Dystonia is a general term which describes extended muscle contractions that may cause repeated twisting movements, or abnormal body positions. Although there are different types...

read more

Karl Schaller Karl Schaller

My talks will be centered on two of my major clinical and scientific interests: neurovascular surgery and epilepsy surgery. One lecture will highlight...

read more


Ulf Schneider Ulf Schneider

Having completed the EANS Training Course just two years ago, I feel very honored to be invited to this year's EANS meeting in the wonderful city of Athens, and to give a talk about one of...

read more

Gerrit Schubert Gerrit Schubert

Having been involved with EANS for several years, and having recently joined the EANS Young Neurosurgeons Committee, I am particularly excited to participate in this year´s Annual Meeting...

read more

Angelika Sorteberg Angelika Sorteberg

This year's meeting theme is “Neurosurgery: from the classics to the future”. My topic “Balloon occlusion tests and therapeutic occlusion of vessels to and in the brain: How, when, and when not”...

read more

Michael Spyrou Michael Spyrou

Conceptual approach to the spinal cord and nerve roots comprehensive syndromes: This is a new scientific, logical, human and correct aproach to any problem of the nervous system...

read more


Bente Sandvei Skeie Bente Sandvei Skeie

The title of my talk will be: Glioma Radiosurgery.The optimal management of patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme is a subject of controversy...

read more

Terje Sundstrøm Terje Sundstrøm

Patients with brain metastases have a dismal prognosis and improvements in survival are still measured in weeks or months. New and innovative research approaches are needed...

read more

Peter Vajkoczy Peter Vajkoczy

We are very much looking forward to EANS2016. It will be the year´s most intense gathering of Europe´s leading Neurosurgeons...

read more

Carlos Vara Luiz Carlos Vara Luiz

Angiography is the gold standard for the diagnosis of vascular malformations. It began with a simple question in 1925: Is it possible to see the arteries of the brain...

read more


Colin Watts Colin Watts

EANS2016 represents the best of European neurosurgery with an exciting educational and research program. I am particularly looking forward to hearing what other surgical leaders...

read more



Pre-congress course


WFNS Neurosurgical Anatomy Committee Vascular Course

Date: September 4, 2016
Time: 07:30 – 12:20
Place: Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (EANS2016 venue), Mitropoulos Hall

Registration: Additional registration for the EANS2016 Pre-congress is obligatory

  • We offer the possibility to persons who will not attend the EANS2016 Congress to register ONLY for the pre-congress course at a fee of EUR 20 (incl. catering)
  • EANS2016 delegates, who have already registered for the congress, can additionally register for the pre-congress course at an extra fee of EUR 20 (incl. catering)

Registration open soon





Notifications about acceptance of abstracts will be sent to all submitters at the end of June


Be part of EANS2016 and share your work with the international neurosurgical community:

  • Significant opportunities available for oral presentations!
  • Prizes available for the best ePoster and oral presentations!

For instructions of how to submit an abstract, and full details of topics and prizes, please click on the FAQs



Certificates of attendance will be sent to participants of the EANS 2016 Congress automatically via e-mail AFTER the event.

The following types of certificates will be issued:

  • Certificate of attendance for delegates
  • Certificate of attendance for speakers
  • Certificate of attendance for chair persons
  • Certificate of attendance for oral abstract presenters
  • Certificate of attendance for oral ePoster presenters
  • Certificate of attendance for ePoster presenters


UEMS-EACCME Certificate
More information about the amount of EACCME credits that can be claimed for attending EANS2016 will follow soon.

To date the UEMS-EACCME has signed agreements of recognition of EACCME credits with the following countries in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Regione Lombardia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom.

In addition, the UEMS-EACCME has mutual recognition agreements with the American Medical Association (for live events and e-learning materials) and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (for live events only).
To find more information about UEMS EACCME please visit www.eaccme.eu

An application has been made to the EACCME for CME accreditation of this event


Networking Events

Congress Opening
Congress Opening
Congress Opening
Congress Opening

Congress Opening


Join us for the Opening of the EANS2016 Congress!

Opening Session
Date: September 4, 2016
Time: 19:45 – 21:15



Welcome Reception
Date: September 4, 2016
Time: 19:45 – 21:15



Networking Dinner

Come and join EANS2016 speakers, the Scientific Committee, the EANS Board and your fellow EANS2016 participants at The Zappeion for an informal networking dinner!

The historic Zappeion, used as a fencing hall in the 1896 Summer Olympics, is surrounded by gardens and will be the perfect setting for EANS2016 attendees to get together and connect, as well as to sample Greek hospitality. Don't miss this fantastic networking opportunity!


Date: September 7, 2016
Time TBC @ The Zappeion

Subsidised ticket price:
EARLY: € 85 / € 60 (reduced fee)*
LATE: € 95 / € 70 (reduced fee)*
ONSITE: € 110 / € 80 (reduced fee)*
*Doctors in training/student member

Don't miss out!
Buy your ticket when registering online for EANS2016! The networking dinner is not included in the registration fee and tickets are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis.


Impressions from the EANS2015 Networking Dinner @ La Pesquera, Madrid


EANS Member
  • Early € 550
  • Late € 640
  • On-site € 710

EANS Non-Member
  • Early € 620
  • Late € 700
  • On-site € 750
Doctor in Training
/ Nurse / STUDENT
  • Early € 220
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Doctor in Training
/ Nurse / STUDENT
  • Early € 240
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  • On-site € 360

  • Early € 530
  • Late € 530
  • On-site € 530


& group


Faculty members will receive special instructions for registration via email.

The early bird registration deadline is on July 10, 2016!

Individual registration

Exhibitor and Group registration

Travel Grants

We are offering 15 travel grants on a competitive basis, according to the following criteria:

  • Under 40 years of age
  • Personal Statement of no more than one A4 page outlining why and how attending EANS2016 would be of benefit to you
  • A one-page CV in English
  • Country falls into the World Bank Low Income/ Lower Middle Income category

To apply for one of these travel grants please send your personal statement and CV to: eans2016.travelgrants@aimgroup.eu
Travel grants application deadline is July 10, 2016!



EANS 2016 accommodation information.


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Hilton Exterior
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Room rate starting from 170,00 EUR Single Superior & Wi-fi and 190 EUR Twin Superior & Wi-fi

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Divani Exterior
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